White Christmas Caladium

White Christmas Caladium creates luminous white leaves with contrasting dark green capillaries as well as light green edges that really stand apart from other plants in the shaded locations where they grow. Their white color likewise helps flaunt taller plants they are planted and grown around.

White Christmas Caladium will flourish in inner-city atmospheres as they are extremely tolerant to city pollution.

How to Care for White Christmas Caladium

White Christmas Caladium Growth Facts

White Christmas Caladium plants can either be annual or perennial depending on the climate. In the 9-12 hardiness zones White Christmas Caladium can grow all year long.

White Christmas Caladium can grow to get about 24 inches tall by a width of 24 inches at maturity.

White Christmas Caladium Care

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White Christmas Caladium is ideal for shaded gardens, however, it really can also be grown in outdoor containers and hanging baskets. If grown in large groups or used as a base plant in a gardening bed, space the individual plants around 6-8 inches apart for a full coverage look.


White Christmas Caladium is not very particular to a soil of a specific type or pH level, it will need consistently moist soil that also drains well to prevent being too saturated. The soil should be warm and moist to both emerge from the ground and thrive through the season.


White Christmas Caladium plants need a consistent supply of water. However, it needs to just be enough to keep the soil moist. Too much or too little water can cause stress and long-term damage, or kill them.

When grown in containers or baskets outside, these plants might need more regular watering than they would in the backyard garden or other landscaped area.

Sun & Shade

White Christmas Caladium plants need partial shade with about 2-3 hours maximum of direct sunlight. They can also thrive in full shade. However, too much sun can cause severe, sometimes fatal, damage to White Christmas Caladiums.

Temperature & Humidity

White Christmas Caladiums are hardy plants except for extreme temperature changes, including waves or seasons of extreme heat or cold.

In warmer climates such as in the hardiness zones 9-12, they will be able to grow through the winter months. However, in colder climate areas they will act like an annual and will need to be replanted in the spring.

Maintenance & Pruning

Requiring almost no maintenance, the White Christmas Caladium is the perfect plant if you like to plant and enjoy. There may be occasional pruning of dieback, however, it is more cosmetic for appearance and not necessary.

How to Care for White Christmas Caladium

White Christmas Caladium Toxicity

White Christmas Caladium is toxic to both pet dogs and pet cats. If dogs or cats chew on Caladium plants, it may create severe irritation. Caladium plants may also cause soft tissue injury from calcium crystals causing the mouth, tongue, and throat to swell leading to drooling, trouble swallowing, and vomiting.

White Christmas Caladium Diseases

There are no notable White Christmas Caladium diseases. However, watch for overwatering/pooling of water to prevent root rot.

White Christmas Caladium Pests

The main pests to watch with White Christmas Caladium are slugs and snails that will be preset in the shady, moist soils these plants thrive in. Deer don’t particularly care for this plant and will usually leave it alone.


Can You Grow White Christmas Caladium Indoor?

White Christmas Caladium can grow indoor and makes a great plant for areas of the house that get a little sunlight coming into the windows, preferably for 2-3 hours in the morning. When growing indoors, make sure to keep the soil moist and mist the leaves from time to time.

Why Are White Christmas Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow?

White Christmas Caladium leaves turn yellow due to over-watering and under-watering conditions, too much sunlight, not enough moisture in the air (humidity levels), heavy fluctuations in temperature causing stress, or a potential pest infestation such as slugs or snails.

Why White Christmas Caladium Leaves Turn Green?

White Christmas Caladium leaves turn green due to either a cause of stress or genetics. When White Christmas Caladium some sun and consistent moisture, these can lead to a loss of variegation reverting the leaves back to a green color.

Do Deer Eat White Christmas Caladiums?

Even though White Christmas Caladium is an attractive foliage plant, deer will not eat White Christmas Caladiums. Deer may taste test if it is new to them, but they will move on to looking for a more tastier, nutritious plant.

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