Neon Pothos Turning Green

Have you noticed your neon pothos turning green? If so, you’re not alone. Many plant owners have reported this phenomenon, and it can be concerning if you’re not sure why it’s happening, especially when you were attracted to this plant for its bright neon color in the first place!

Fortunately, there are a few reasons why your neon pothos might be turning green, and most of them are common.

Your neon pothos might be turning green because it’s aging. As the plant matures, its leaves may lose some of their neon coloring and turn a deeper shade of green. This is a natural process and nothing to worry about.

Another reason your neon pothos might be turning green because it’s not getting enough light. Neon pothos need bright, indirect light to maintain their vibrant coloring. If your plant is in a low-light area, it may start to turn green as a way of adapting to its environment.

Neon Pothos Turning Green

Why Neon Pothos Loses Its Bright Neon Color

Neon pothos is a beautiful and popular houseplant known for its vibrant neon green leaves. However, it is common for the plant’s leaves to lose their bright color and turn green. Here are some reasons why this may happen.

Lack of Light

Neon pothos requires bright, indirect light to maintain its neon color. If the plant is not getting enough light, it may start to lose its bright color and turn green. 200 FC is the light measurement Neon Pothos should be receiving.

Nutrient Deficiency

A lack of nutrients, specifically nitrogen, can cause the plant to lose its bright color and turn green. Make sure to fertilize your neon pothos every two weeks during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer, or follow the packages instructions on how much and how often.

Leaf Maturity

As neon pothos ages, it is natural for the leaves to lose their bright color and turn green. These leaves can be trimmed away so newer growth can grow neon green.

Neon Pothos Light Levels

Light levels play a crucial role in neon pothos growth and coloration. Generally, the more light the plant receives, the brighter the color of its leaves will be. Here are some things to remember when it comes to light levels for your neon pothos.

“Bright, Indirect Light”

It’s true that neon pothos does best in bright indirect light, but what does that mean? Light is measured in foot-candles or lux. Pothos plants in general doesn’t need that much light, so 200FC is the measurement that neon pothos needs in order to keep its leaves bright.

Low Light

If your neon pothos is not getting enough light, you may notice that its leaves start to turn a darker green. This is because the plant is producing more chlorophyll in an effort to capture more light energy. Think about the light the plant receives as how much of the sky is in its direct view and try to get as much sky as possible.

Grow Lights

If you’ve read my guide on neon pothos light requirements and you’re still unsure if you’re able to give your neon pothos good enough light, you may want to think about using grow lights. LED grow lights can be a great option for providing the right amount of light for your plant.

How to Prevent Neon Pothos From Turning Green

If you want to keep your neon pothos plants looking bright and vibrant, you can do a few things to prevent them from turning green.

Good Lighting

One of the main reasons neon pothos plants turn green is lack of light. To prevent this, make sure your plant is getting enough light. Neon pothos plants thrive in bright, indirect light. Put neon pothos near an east, west, or south facing window for a happy plant.

Provide Nutrients

Fertilizing your neon pothos plant can help it maintain its bright color. Use a fertilizer that is balanced and water-soluble when the plant is actively growing. Follow the instructions on the package for the correct amount to use.

Prune Neon Pothos

If your neon pothos plant starts to turn green, you can prune it to encourage new growth and bring back its bright color. Use clean, sharp scissors to cut back any stems that have turned green. Make sure to cut just above a node (the point where a leaf meets the stem) to encourage new growth.

By following these tips, you can prevent your neon pothos plant from turning green and keep it looking vibrant and healthy.

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